Learn the powerful strategies to become a Wealthy, Famous and Highly paid coach / speaker

Learn Methods To Create a Successful Coaching Business.

  • Conduct Seminars which instantly impact life of your trainee or clients.
  • Help individuals Improve & Progress In Their Career.
  • Learn the secrets of conducting House-full seminars and attracting high converting clients who are ready to buy your products or services.

About Train The Trainer Program


10th - 17th MAY 2020

8 days Workshop

Benefits of Becoming A Master Trainer

  • Achieve Financial Freedom.
  • Learn proven methods to earn 5 lakhs in a month.
  • Become a Role Model
  • Become an Author
  • Inspire and motivate people with the knowledge you have.
  • Transfer Your Wisdom Into Words.

Program is Designed For

Business Owner’s,  Entrepreneurs,  CEO,  CFO,  Motivational Speakers, Counsellor & Astrologers.  

  • Those who want to start their training business from scratch
  • Those who want to take their training career to new heights.
  • Those who are feeling stuck, but want to achieve breakthrough.

About Sudarshan Saabat

Sudarshan Sabat is renowned as a brilliant mind power trainer who has helped many people achieve great success in their career. Known for his passion for learning and making the most of opportunities in life, he has learned through experience “Never give up in life.”

His extensive experience and profound knowledge in understanding people’s behavior, which he gained by working in various industries, has inspired many people. Over the years, he has helped people achieve things they want in life through amazing mind power techniques. His guidance changed the life of many permanently.