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CCM continues to lead the career coaching industry by delivering the UK’s most advanced platform tailored to helping you to find the best graduate jobs.

A career is a 40-year marathon and not a 4-year sprint and so finding a job that matches your talents and interests…

Once you have decided what role to apply for (more details in Career Guidance) the first step is to build a good CV.

Cover letters should be different for every job seeker. They allow an opportunity for your personality…

In addition to the CV and/or cover letter, many banks and consultancies have a few competency questions in their applications.

As the name suggests, a competency interview is to evaluate your competencies.

Technical interviews are just that: interviews that test your technical knowledge.

The case study interview has always been a staple favourite of management consultancy firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain and others…

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We have a variety of plans for you ranging from Basic to Premium and if you want something which is not included in any of these plans, a Customised plan can be created just for you to fulfil your specific requirements.

  • CV Construction
  • Review of Cover Letters
  • CV Construction
  • Review of Cover letters
  • Review of Competency questions in applications
  • Interview training
  • Career guidance
  • CV Construction
  • Review of Cover letters
  • Review of Competency questions
  • Technical knowledge acquisition
  • Interview training
  • Soft Skills development
  • Group discussion preparation
  • Presentation training
  • Tailor-made plan to suit your specific requirements

What People Say

Presiyana Karastoyanova (Goldman Sachs 2016, Nomura 2017, McKinsey 2019)
I got to know Naimish when I was navigating my early career choices and degree and he became a great mentor in guiding me and advising me through it all. It's invaluable to have someone like him to offer support experience. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone wishing to start their career.
Biwei Cai (HSBC 2016)
I met Naimish at the bank. Naimish has a real passion for mentoring. He set up mentoring call biweekly and tried to understand you as a person before offering any career advice. Unlike some the traditional mentoring where you usually get the answer to a question, Naimish spent more time understanding the person. He communicates feedback in a clear way and suggests further steps. I sometimes feel he knows me better than myself. He has given valuable career advice and been a great mentor.

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